Rechargeable Wireless Headphone By Sennheiser

by chay1288

Looking for a smart headphone? Look no further – Sennheiser is what you must choose.

Nothing can beat the Sennheiser Wireless RS 130 Headphones when the matter is about elegant yet simple design with the feature of wireless connectivity.

No ornamentation surrounding its screen that is with a metallic mesh. While plain on/off button, a tuning and a volume dial compliment it.

It is devoid of a power indicator. A trim base for this headphone which has a round metal rod keeps it straight.

There are two metal rods placed away from each other. These are part of the main metal rod. While charging these rods situated on the base act as electrode.

As for transmission channels a switch placed on the base allows up to three channels. User is allowed to set the best channel that is his favorite.

When not required these options can be turned off using SRS knob.

Whenever you want to check the charging, power source connection and SRS status just look at the indicators at the base.

The three pads created with soft foam with a metal strip inside cover the headband. When the strip comes in contact with the charger on the base the headphone starts charging.

Running on double AAA cells it also has its own rechargeable batteries. This keeps it light and allows longer durations of listening.

As the ear pads are made of quality foam and covered cloth, they are very relaxing to the ears.

Wall placed power supply charge it. Need to connect to a computer or any equipment that has a 3.5 mm stereo jack? It is easy with its mini adapter.

No problem with the RCA connectors and the audio cable. Just plug them to the base. And when you follow the manual constructing the device is very simple.

Whenever you need any technical help, the manual will come in handy. Not to forget that it increases the beauty of any office desk

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