Sennheiser HD595 – Strengths And Weaknesses

by Kashirin Nickolai

The Sennheiser HD595 headphones excel at piano music and female vocals. If the recordings are good you will hear it and conversely if it’s not that great then these headphones will not be kind. They will highlight every flaw mercilessly. The midrange is nice and balanced, the detail is great and the bass, while being a little shy is tight and nicely extended.

These headphones work great with good quality equipment such as headphone amps, cables, CD players etc. I have a feeling these would not play well with tube equipment though. The highs are exciting and makes acoustic music very vivid. The sound stage is nice and wide while not being unrealistic.

The soundstage with these headphones is almost like you’re listening to speakers. It’s great. Most headphones do not get the stereo image right but these definitely do. However i would definitely get a nice amp to go with them as this will boost the lows and level out the frequency response a bit.

Another nice aspect to them is the insane level of comfort they provide. I get headaches pretty easily from headphones but with these it hasn’t happened yet. Other cans put a lot of pressure on your head but there is almost none with these. The HD595’s work with almost any style of music.

If you listen to many different genres of music, then these are your best bet. If you’re a classical music afficionado, then by all means get a pair of Grados. But seeing as though these Sennheisers cost less, work with more styles and have truly high end sound, it makes sense to at least try a pair.

Some have mentioned a slightly grainy midrange on these. All headphones have a weaknesses so I guess I would have to say that the bass is slightly lackluster but it is really good quality bass. That would be the Sennheiser HD595 headphones only weakness. However this really is nitpicking as as it was not easy to find any other faults with them whatsoever.

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