Sennheiser Urbanite XL Galaxy Over-Ear Headphones – Black

Sennheiser Urbanite XL Galaxy Over-Ear Headphones – Black

Sennheiser Urbanite XL Galaxy Over-Ear Headphones - Black

  • Take the club with you – Legendary Sennheiser sound featuring massive bass, smooth midrange and extended treble.
  • Tough companion – Constructed using premium extra rugged parts like stainless steel hinges and aluminum sliders for reliability and durability.
  • Stay connected – control your music and calls (includes detachable cable with 3-button remote control and integrated microphone for Android devices, such as Samsung Galaxy).
  • Easy to store and bring along – foldable design makes them easy to collapse and store in the supplied soft pouch.
  • Peace of mind – 2-years international warranty when purchased from an Authorized Sennheiser dealer.

Step up and step out, it’s time to let your ears be loved. Sennheiser URBANITE XL Over-Ear headphones are the new choice for great sound, deep bass, and urban style on the move. URBANITE XL Over-Ear headphones deliver an intense club sound, serving up massive bass but with Sennheiser’ s uncompromising clarity through the entire frequency range. URBANITE XL headphones are for those that love their tunes, love to look good, and respect great sound. URBANITE XL is perfect for staying connected on the move, with integrated in-line remote controls and microphones for taking calls and controlling music on smartphones and tablets, with two dedicated versions for either Apple iOS, or for Windows Phone and Android devices such as Samsung Galaxy models. A range of color choices includes black and denim across all models (both for iOS and Android), with the iOS URBANITE XL also available in sand, olive and nation. Ready for life on the go, URBANITE XL headphones are built tough to take on anything life can throw at them. Constructed using durable, high quality materials like stainless steel hinges and aluminum ear cup sliders, they’re rugged with urban cool style. The fabric-wrapped headband is comfortable and steezy. The extra-large ear cups fitted with soft ear cushions wrap you in comfort. URBANITE XL is a Sennheiser, so looking great and performing brilliantly are one and the same. Being tough using a foldable design is a perfect fit for life on the move, and a perfect fit comes naturally to URBANITE. The durable sliders and hinges work with super soft ear pads insulating the listener from external noise to ensure great comfort during long listening sessions. So make a statement. URBANITE XL. Because you love your ears.

List Price: $ 249.95

Price: $ 129.79

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    Lonestarcollector September 12, 2016 at 02:28
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    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Great depth without sacrificing too much clarity, February 27, 2015
    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    Having been a fan of Sennheiser’s headphones for a long time I was absolutely excited when I saw that they were tipping their hat into the “lifestyle headphone” market. Upon the release of the Momentum line I purchased the on ear as the over ears were out of my budget at the time. I recently purchased the over ear Momentum and now own the Urbanite XL. What my review will have is a comparison between the Urbanite XL and the Momentum over ear as the sound signatures of both headphones are drastically different.

    Build Quality

    Both headphones are built with a lot of thought to durability and design for the end user. The thing that I’ve come to appreciate about companies like Sennheiser is that the ear pads are replaceable. Being that both headphones are in the sub $300 range in retail value this is a big plus in my opinion if you’re the type of person who doesn’t mind spending over a $100 for headphones. Both headphones feature a pressurized sliding mechanism for the headphones to smoothly slide up and down for finding the proper adjustment and comfort level for the user. This feature to me is one of the best parts about both headphones as this does away with the traditional ratcheting headband and for the price you pay it’s great that Sennheiser took care of a small detail such as this in the final design. In terms of durability both headphones are built super tough, the Urbanite XL having more of a tank like feel due to thickness of material.


    From my own perspective I’m finding that the Urbanite XL is a bit more comfortable due the the shape of the ear pads. The Momentum headphones are ok for me personally because although I don’t have large ears, the ear pads do run a bit smaller than most over ear headphones. With that said however the feeling of the pads on both headphones are very soft and don’t hurt over a long listening period. The Urbanite’s use a velour type material and Momentum’s use a real leather to cover the padding and both actually don’t make my ears hot which is great.


    I listen to a wide variety of genres ranging from vocal jazz, edm, rock/alternative, folk, some country, hip-hop/rap, etc you get the point. The Urbanite XL definitely lives up to the “claim of massive bass without compromise of clarity”, but with an asterisk because when listening to vocal jazz artists such as Sophie Milman or Emilie Clair Barlow the mids do get a bit muddled into the lower frequencies. Than again these headphones were not engineered to create a clear even sound with music like jazz. No these are meant for genres like edm and they perform brilliantly! I’ve found that a good seal is important to hear the bellow of the lower frequencies and these sound marvelous. Any modern music in which the lower frequencies are emphasized will sound good with the Urbanite XL headphones. If you’re looking for a headphone that does well all across the board I would personally recommend the Momentum over ear as they allow a lot of detail to shine in every genre. No you aren’t going to hear the DEEP bass notes in hip-hop or edm track, but that’s not to say the lower frequency isn’t present in the Momentum’s. The Momentum’s sound is something I would classify as warm, the highs, mids and lows all have their place and it’s much more noticeable then the Urbanite XL. The Urbanite XL’s sound is darker which has a boosted low end, mids are a little bit laid back, and the highs slightly forward.


    I would recommend either headphone because of the how much difference of taste there is between individuals who really enjoy music and the differences of sound signatures between each headphone that’s out on the market now. Both are built well, comfort is very much a factor on how big your ears/head are, and finally sound is certainly left up to the end user because everyone has different tastes in both style and sound. I hope my review has helped you make a decision if you’re trying to choose between the two.

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    Arnold J. Kim September 12, 2016 at 03:16
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    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Comparing the Urbanites with the Audio Technica ATH M50x & the VModa Crossfade M100’s!, January 30, 2015

    I’ll be comparing the Sennheiser Urbanite XL with the Vmoda Crossfade M100’s & the Audio Technica ATH M50x. I own all 3.

    1) Vmoda’s get an easy #1 here. They’re built like tanks. Made to take contortion, falls, & even can take being run over by a car (I read a story… honestly)
    2) The Urbanites get 2nd. The band is rugged. The hinges are made of metal. Really well made!
    3) The ATH M50x is made mostly of plastic. Not brittle, but compared to the Vmoda & Urbanite… not quite as sturdy

    1) Vmoda’s cable is amazing. It’s made of kevlar. Ya know the stuff that takes bullets (haha!). Most cables take 10,000 bends & then they break. The Vmoda cable can take a million bends. Oh yeah… it’s a detachable cable (Texas Longhorn Orange). And I love the 45 degree angle jack when you plug into the device.
    2) The ATH M50x has a locking cable, but it’s not 1/8in at the headphone. So, you can only use Audio Technica cables (but you have 3). The cable is thick & seems like it’d last a long time. The jack that goes into your device is a straight plug (my least favorite).
    3) The Urbanites has a thick flat cable. It’s the shortest of all the cables. But I love the 90 degree jack… especially for laptops. Make sure you have the cable fully locked in… or you’ll only get sound from one side.

    1) Vmoda’s cable is ingenious. The mic is closer to the mouth, while the control is further down where your hand can grasp hold of it. The controls are very easy to work with.
    2) Urbanite’s remote is the best designed in my opinion. The controls are well-made & easy to use.
    3) The ATH M50x do not have any controls on their cables.

    1) Vmoda’s come with by far the nicest carrying case. It looks like Batman armor… haha! It also comes with an extra cable that doesn’t have the remote, but allows for someone else to plug in and listen. 1/4 in adapter included
    2) The ATH M50x comes with a shorter cable, a longer 3 meter cable, & a coiled cable. It comes with a pouch. 1/4 in adapter included
    3) The Urbanite comes with a bag.

    1) Vmodas are more compact & fold in.
    2) The Audio Technicas fold in the same way Vmodas do, but they’re a bigger can.
    3) The Urbanites fold horizontally, but they’re poofy & wide.

    1) The Urbanites are soooooo comfortable! I was really surprised how cushy the ear pads were. They’re made of some sort of velour. The headband which has very thin padding didn’t bother me at all. Comfort is very important to me. I love love wearing these!
    2) The ATH M50x is supposed to have much more comfortable ear pads then the original ATH M50’s. But the cup size is still relatively small. The ear pads sit on the back of my ears. But since they’re cushy, they don’t bother me that much.
    3) The Vmoda’s clamp tighter than any of the above. The ear pads are small like the Audio Technica’s… but with the clamping force… it’s a lil more bothersome… I’m thinking of buying the XL pads.

    1) The Audio Technica’s have the best sound in my opinion. It’s a very clear sound signature. It’s a very mild “V”. You hear the lows & highs slightly raised… but the mids are still present… and the lows don’t bleed over the mids
    2) The Vmodas have more lows… especially the mid-lows. So, it’s more of a natural “V”. But it still doesn’t compromise the mids or the highs.
    3) The Urbanites have the most lows. They’re made for Urban music. With this can, the mids are more recessed & the highs are considerably more rolled off…

    1) Vmodas tighter clamp makes for a better seal… you hear very little around you.
    2) The Audio Technica’s sit on your ear with a lighter clamp… you can hear more going on outside.
    3) The Urbanites have velour pads. Velour lets more sound in.

    1) The ATH M50x is $159
    2) The Urbanite XL is around $200
    3) The Vmoda’s are around $300

    The Urbanite XL is an uber comfortable can geared for urban music (hip hop & edm)… which makes for a fantastical fun set of headphones with the right type of music. I really like the design, I absolutely love the feel, the build is great, & honestly I dig on this flat 90 degree tipped cable.

    On Yelp I give 5 stars for the best. For right now, these are the Four Stars… cause I gave the 5 stars to the ATH M50x.

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    Christina Donahoe September 12, 2016 at 04:14
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Durable, comfortable, stylish and lush with sound., October 19, 2014
    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Sennheiser Urbanite XL Galaxy Over-Ear Headphones – Black (Electronics)
    My tastes in headphones have progressed in the past year. At first thinking that packed in earbuds were “good enough”, a very special purchase back in January introduced me to the world of quality headphones. Starting at the $50 mark, Ive moved up in tiers of quality and price since then. After a nice stint with my valued Koss ProDJ200s (despite the moniker, the ProDJ200s have more of a natural, uncolored response), I decided I wanted a nice pair of bassy headphones.

    Thinking I just wanted some cans purely for my basshead moods, I sampled headphones from brands such as Beats, Sol Republic and even bought a pair of Monster N-Pulse for a tentative trial period. But despite an extensive search, I found I cared too much about mids and highs as well as bass to fully feel satisfied by these cans. So after seeing a series of entertaining advertisements on YouTube, I decided to go out on a limb in put my trust in the Sennheiser brand name. I never really found supra-aural cans all that comfy so I opted to go for the circum-aural Urbanite XLs.Let me say I was not disappointed!

    First off, let me say that these things are built to last! The rugged headband is flexible enough to be stretched straight with no problem, yet is still sturdy enough to keep the headphones securely on your head. The hinges and position sliders for the individual earcups are made of a strong metal, and what is plastic is constructed very solidly.

    They are very comfortable. The headband supplies adequate cushioning and the velour covered memory foam earpads are just the right density. Some headphones I barely notice at first, but they become uncomfortable over time. The Urbanite XLs aren’t unnoticeable, but even after 4-5 hour listening sessions they never get tiresome.

    I bought the black colored version and they look stylish, yet have a hint of maturity. They have a bit of flash that goes well with casual clothes, yet enough subtlety that they don'[t look garish with buisnesswear as well.

    So, onto the sound. Before I get into this, let me say that when it comes to headphones, the way people would rate the same headphone’s sound is subjective. Differences in shape and size of the ear influence how we hear sounds coming in as close as headphones do, and even the way our brains are wired will shape what combinations of frequency emphasis we find pleasing. Also of note is that this is the best sounding headphone I’ve heard as well as one of the most expensive, which may sound like a good thing, but it really means I’m rating the sound in a near vacuum with little else to compare it to. So even though I think it sounds good, a more seasoned ear might provide a more accurate perspective in terms of sound quality to price.

    One of the viral videos advertising the Urbanite states that the focus of these cans is on bass quality, not quantity. And in this aspect, Sennheiser has nailed it. The best way I can think to describe it is as if the headphones were a sniper rifle, with a tight and controlled recoil. Tight and punchy with the right amount of emphasis, this is top quality bass and though it won’t rumble your head, it will feel as though someone was using your eardrums as a drum kit.Though the bass isn’t emphasized as much in terms of volume as some other headphones, the quality will probably more than satisfy most listener’s bass cravings.

    The real genius of these headphones comes in the mids and highs though. Unlike most other basscentric cans, there is no sacrifice made for the sake of the lower notes. Detailed, yet with an acceptable level of pleasing warmth, the mids are best described as lush. The treble does start to roll off as you start going up in frequency (which I like as it is less fatiguing). However, the volume for the highs kicks in as it reaches the highest of highs, leaving the impression of a bit of sparkle. Overall though, due to the aforementioned rolled off quality, this headphone could be described as dark (or veiled as the Sennheiser trope goes). Though that is not a bad thing necessarily, it does mean that these might not wow you right away, but you will appreciate them over time.

    Though I was looking for headphones specifically for my bass moods, the mids, highs and level of detail made them earn their spot as my all around listening headphones. The low impedance combined with the dark sound signature make these ideal for portable players, as they don’t require an amp to sound good and the sound is engineered in such a way that makes them more forgiving of poor quality music files (namely MP3s).

    Overall, as a headphone that earns high marks at the intersection of build quality, comfort, style and sound, the Sennheiser Urbanite is sure to please most, if not all but the most fickle eared listeners, who still may laud it for bringing bass without the compromise to the masses.

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