Transform colors at the touch of a screen

by Brett Levin Photography

The new must have item has arrived! The LIFX LED light bulb is no ordinary bulb, it actually packs more features than you would imagine. The bulb is Wifi enabled, configured through the router to communicate with your smart phone. Now why would you need a Wifi enabled light bulb? Surely its only feature couldn’t possibly be turning on and off, but how about being any color of the visible spectrum, any time, perfectly synchronized. LIFX started as a crowd-funding project, only funded by supporters of the intelligent innovation, and managed to collect $ 1.3 million by its first week. The founder & inventor, Phil Bosua, is backed by a supportive and ambitious team of engineers to make the bulb as efficient as possible, developers to streamline the programming and application features, and marketers to spread the word. The team’s goal is to keep pushing the limits of light-bulb and smart-home gadgets. The buzz created by the LIFX light bulb quickly caught on, soon after its rise to fame, The Economist, Mashable, New York Times, & Washington Post all regard the re-invented bulb as one of the best and innovative smart-home devices.
“What makes LIFX so special? It’s an energy-efficient, multicolor bulb that you control with a smartphone.” FORBES. If you’re thinking that this gadget limits you to a certain color pallet, you’re wrong. Every color in the prism spectrum is included for your selection, just roam the pallet and watch your room transform. You can either select one or more bulbs to change or change them all simultaneously. Not only is the bulb great for setting the mood and ambience, but it’s also more energy efficient that your regular incandescent or fluorescent bulbs. At 17 Watts a bulb producing a bit over 1,000 lumens, you will not only enjoy the mood given off by the lights, but you’re also spending less electricity and paying less money. Even the days of burnt bulbs are gone, the LIFX light bulb lasts for more than 27 years! You will most likely be changing your router and smart phone several times before having to replace a single LIFX bulb. Installation of the LIFX LED bulb couldn’t be simpler, just replace the regular bulb with the LIFX bulb, download the mobile app, and start coloring.
So there is a bulb that changes color, what uses could it have other than looking pretty? Well, apart from saving you thousands in specific colored light bulbs that consume more electricity than they were worth, the LIFX bulb is perfect for retail, corporate, and personal use. Give clothing stores an added glamour, or tech store an edge, whatever your retail needs, LIFX is more than willing and able to be customized to your very touch. If your corporation is consuming too much electricity and need a new way of keeping things green, then LIFX will cut down electricity consumption to a fraction of regular costs. If all those reasons were good enough, the personal uses of LIFX LED bulbs are what take the cake. Fit your personality and lifestyle with color, throw a party in less time it took to get dressed, synchronize your music from your speakers or headphones to the lights, and watch your living room turn into a club. Even strobe lighting effect is available to be customized. Navigation through the mobile app couldn’t be easier and more intuitive; LIFX is an unrestricted LED bulb, anything that light bulbs can do, it can do better.



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