Who Makes Headphones for iPod?

by saulmora

There are tons of manufacturers that create great headphones, but all of those manufacturers have not gotten in the business of creating headphones specifically for one of the most popular portable devices ever developed: iPod. But since there are a lot of brands who have created models for this device, many people are wondering which they should buy. While I can’t make that specific determination for anyone, I can certainly lay the cards on the table to help you make a more information decision. So if you’re ready, we can take a look at some companies that make headphones for iPod.


Manufacturers have been creating a large assortment of headphones for iPod that range from over-the-ear to inner-ear (earbud) styles, as well as wireless and noise cancelling. Let’s look at a few of the more popular brands and models available to you.




Logitech has created their Logitech FreePulse Bluetooth Headphones created specifically to work with your iPod. What’s so great about them? Well, first because they’re Bluetooth-enabled (meaning they are wireless) you are rewarded with the ability to move around your house (up to about 25ft that is) without dragging your iPod with you. This is always good if you want to wash your dishes, or rock the baby to sleep but don’t have the free hands to do it all. And because they headset has integrated controls right on it you can have the freedom to change your song, up the volume or stop you device with the touch of a button – even when you’re across the room!




Bose also has created headphones for iPod devices. This model is called the Bose Triport and is a full-size, over-the-ear styled headset that manages to be light weight and easy to carry. One of the great things about this headset is though it was created to work with your portable device, it can also be used with your home stereo – two perks for the price of one! Okay, actually three perks for the price of one – you also reap the benefit of them having active noise cancellation. This means your sound quality will be stellar. And though they are not wireless like the Logitech headset, they are still great for travel, especially when you need to block out annoying engine noises on a flight.




Sony also offers a pair of headphones that would be perfect for your portable device. They are called the DR-BT10CX Stereo Earbuds. They are perfect for the avid exerciser because they are inner-ear phones, meaning the fit right in your ear instead of over them. But what’s better is they’re not the dinky little complimentary earbuds that come with your device – they are instead a high-quality pair of earbuds that not only produce great sound, but are also wireless! These headphones give you an astounding 11 hours of listening time and up to 100 hours of standby time before needing to be recharged. And like the Bose headphones mentioned above, you can hook them up to your stereo or PC also!


There are other headphones for iPod devices out there but these are a few of the more reputable brands and models. Now that you’ve found out which ones are available to you, you need to get started on your research to find the perfect pair for you – it would be a shame for manufacturers to make all of these great headphones for iPod with no one to enjoy them.

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